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The rise of dogs suffering from dog arthritis is a cause for worry. Much like human arthritis, a concrete solution has not yet been identified but as dog owners, we can help our much loved dogs to be more comfortable. By treating the symptoms such as joint pain and inflammation, we can reduce the pain of dog arthritis.

Flax Seed Awareness on the Rise

The use of natural supplements has been increasing in popularity.Natural supplements use plant or animal components, the concept being that natural ingredients are not poisonous to your dog’s body compared to the synthetic substances of the prescription dog medications.
One such supplement is flax seed oil. An article on a pretty decent site “Vet Info” reveals that the use of flax seed oil helps give your dog healthy skin and joints. This supplement includes both the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, popular for boosting the skin’s health and essential for fighting dog arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory attributes.

Here is Where I Differ

VetInfo (and many other sites) suggest this: give your dogs flax seed in the raw or ground seed form rather than whole seed, as the latter won’t provide your dog identical advantages as the ground form.

I don’t think flax seed is an ideal source of Omega 3 in any form. Here’s why:
  • If given whole, dogs don’t chew them so they are not digested properly (only at 10% of what humans digest them because we chew).
  • If ground they come in contact with oxygen. In an oxidized form they are (at best) not effective and (at worst) may in fact cause inflammation and cancer.
  • If you grind the raw seeds fresh for each meal flax seed is fine, but this is a lot of extra work.

Fish-Oil Based Omega 3 is Still Ideal

Yes, it is true that Omega 3 must be part of the supplement for dog arthritis but I disagree with their suggestion that flax seed is a good source of Omega 3.
Fish-oil based Omega 3s are processed by our bodies at a much higher rate than flax seed and do not have problems with oxidation. Due to weak absorption, flax seed won’t help with your dog’s arthritis or skin troubles as you would have desired.
I recommend products that contain significant levels of fish based Omega 3 such as Welactin, a product from the highly trusted brand Nutramax.
If you really want to alleviate dog arthritis (and help his skin), it is best to stick to the thoroughly tested fish-oil based Omega 3s.

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